League of Legends Cosplayers at League Festival

YH heads to the League Festival ahead of the World Finals to celebrate all things 'League of Legends' with the game's many fans and incredible cosplayers, including our friends the Spiral Cats, as well as Nadyasonika, Azulette, and CF Studios founder Camille Fleming! Find out just how much work goes into these amazing costumes!

League of Legends Fans Take the Riftwalk

YH is at the League Festival in L.A. where we take you inside the Riftwalk to indulge in all things 'League of Legends', including interactive experiences and games like Mechs vs Minions! We also chat with some super passionate fans in attendance, as well as Riot Games's Jess Frucht, plus we talk with builder Jake Corrick about the gigantic real-life Thresh!

Toby Turner Demos His Video Game & Gives Us the Literal Trailer Treatment

Toby Turner, better known on YouTube as Tobuscus, takes a break from his many creative ventures to visit the YH Studio and tell us all about them, including his upcoming video game, Acro Wars, which he gives us a quick demo of! He also tells us about how he got his start on YouTube and how he came up with the idea for his hilarious Literal Trailers videos, plus he compares indoor skydiving to the real thing and he even gives us the Literal Trailer treatment!

The Ultimate Gamer Face with Sky Williams

The YH Studio welcomes gamer and YouTube star Sky Williams (minus shoes!) who chats with us all about what drew him to video games in the first place and why he decided to legally change his name to Sky. He also tells us about the constructive way he deals with online criticism, plus he explains some common gamer terms and demonstrates his gaming face!

Sonja Reid Talks Twitch & 'Overwatch'

YH sits down with Twitch's number 1 female gamecaster herself, Sonja Reid, during CatCon to find out how she became so popular and how she balances being an entertainer and a gamer! She also reveals what games first got her into the gaming scene, plus she tells us her N64 faves and which game she's loving right now!