How to Gear Up and Go Viral at VRLA Expo

Step into the world of Virtual Reality at the VRLA Expo as YH gets a hands-tour of all the latest and greatest virtual, mixed, and augmented reality technology, including a John Wick experience, virtual racquetball, and a holographic Easter Egg hunt!

Ziplining With Michelle Rodriguez at Call of Duty XP

YH heads to Call of Duty XP -- the ultimate fan experience for fans of the 'Call of Duty' video game franchise -- where we catch up with HBIC and 'CoD' superfan herself, actress Michelle Rodriguez! She reveals to us the longest she's ever played non-stop, plus she also talks about what it was like filming 'Fast 8' without her late co-star Paul Walker. Then it's time to strap in and go for a little ziplining!

Hidden Talents Revealed at the Madden Bowl

We are at the EA Lounge in New Orleans for the Madden Bowl, where NFL greats rub shoulders and the Bud Light flows like water! Jerry Rice shows us which of his three Super Bowl rings he is wearing for the occasion, Tim Brown tells us how he keeps in shape post-retirement, and comedian David Koechner reveals a hidden talent that we seem to be seeing a lot of lately! Hosted by Nikki Novak (@nikkinovak).

Facing Off with NHL Star George Parros at E3

We are at the L.A. Convention Center for the E3 Expo, and who should we run into but our old friend, Florida Panthers enforcer George Parros! He's on the mend from shoulder surgery, but that is not keeping him from trying out EA's NHL 14! Find out his thoughts on the game and whether or not he plays as himself, plus get the scoop on his own clothing line, Violent Gentlemen! Hosted by Lesley Robins (@lesleymia).

YouTube Gamers Gather Together for Minecraft Super League Gaming Event

Join YH as we hit up Super League Gaming's first-ever in-theatre event where gaming enthusiasts have gathered to play 'Minecraft' together! On hand for the festivities are YouTube gamers ParkerGames and CaptainSparklez, who tells us about the experience of getting to meet their fans and followers, plus they reveal their favorite things to punch or blow up in 'Minecraft' and show us a secret handshake!