Call of Duty Team Deathmatch at E3

YH hit the floor at the Electronic Entertainment Expo, AKA E3, to get our hands on some of the most anticipated new games, including 'Call of Duty: WWII' and 'Destiny 2'! See how we fare in a Team Deathmatch and find out the key to conquering these types of games!

Gamer Goals at E3 with missharvey

YH hits the showroom floor at E3, aka the Electronic Entertainment Expo, with gaming champ Stephanie "missharvey" Harvey, who tells us her favorite aspects of the gaming community that she's been involved with and reveals just how intense her practice sessions can get!

Epic Mario Kart Battle in E3’s Ball Pit

YH is at the L.A. Convention Center for E3, aka the Electronic Entertainment Expo, to get all the latest and greatest in gaming! We catch up with cosplayer Stella Chuu who explains why the event is about more than just gaming and how she's digging the Nintendo Switch, then we hop into Nyko's ball pit to try out some Mario Kart!

How to Gear Up and Go Viral at VRLA Expo

Step into the world of Virtual Reality at the VRLA Expo as YH gets a hands-tour of all the latest and greatest virtual, mixed, and augmented reality technology, including a John Wick experience, virtual racquetball, and a holographic Easter Egg hunt!

Ziplining With Michelle Rodriguez at Call of Duty XP

YH heads to Call of Duty XP -- the ultimate fan experience for fans of the 'Call of Duty' video game franchise -- where we catch up with HBIC and 'CoD' superfan herself, actress Michelle Rodriguez! She reveals to us the longest she's ever played non-stop, plus she also talks about what it was like filming 'Fast 8' without her late co-star Paul Walker. Then it's time to strap in and go for a little ziplining!